Of Wind and Tides

Of Wind and Tides is a delightful autobiography of one of the world’s true fishing legends. Starting with his early childhood in the 1930s through the eventful decades that followed, Stu Apte takes readers along with him as a college student, as a young Naval Aviation Cadet and as a pilot with 34 years on Pan Am’s seniority list.

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Of Wind and Tides includes life adventures such as ejecting out of a fighter plane at 20,000 feet during the Korean War to fishing with some of the sporting world’s greatest celebrities, including Boston Celtics John Havlicek and the Chicago Bears Dick Butkus while co-hosting ABC’s “The American Sportsman” show with Curt Gowdy.

Much of the book is written as if an instant replay. It includes flashbacks and interesting vignettes with fellow anglers and pilots – including a steamy yet hilarious interlude with a flight attendant.

From Naval fighter pilot to fishing guide for celebrities to spending evenings with two different dictators, Apte’s travels around the globe to pursue big fish describe what all anglers want to know – how to fish and where to fish.

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